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Ask a Researcher

Ask a Researcher makes it easy for educators to get trusted, research-based answers to questions about real education challenges.

We collect questions from real educators who are looking for new ways to support students in their classrooms. The answers to those questions, developed in partnership with Usable Knowledge at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, can provide the first steps for using research to improve student learning.

Does offering students a choice in assignments lead to greater engagement?

Choice can lead to greater engagement. To maximize the benefits, teachers should offer students a limited number of options.

How can we motivate students who are unmotivated possibly due to previous deficiencies in math?

Build relationships with students to learn more about their math backgrounds; connect math learning to student interests

How can educators help students gain confidence in mathematics and see themselves as “math people”?

Embrace errors as learning, emphasize reasoning, and relate math to student strengths

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