Tutorial - Research Map


Have you ever looked for research to help improve the design of your program or product, but weren’t sure where to start?

The Digital Promise Research Map offers a unique visualization that connects you with research from over 100,000 journal articles in education and the learning sciences, allowing you to quickly find useful information.

In the visualization you’ll see 11 research topic circles. The larger the circle, the more articles it contains.

When you click on a topic, such as Student Motivation, white lines appear, showing connections to other topics, and giving you new insights for where you can find useful information. The thicker the line, the stronger the connection. Here, Student Motivation is strongly connected to Whole Child Supports & Interventions and STEM Learning — so those might be worth exploring, too.

Adjust the filters on the left to view data in new ways, and double click on a topic to break it into more specific subtopics.

In the side panel, you can find articles and research experts related to the topic or subtopic you’re investigating.

Start exploring!

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