About - Research Map


The Research Map is a hub for learning sciences research.

The site helps education leaders, policymakers, and technology developers access education and learning sciences research findings that can inform their work. Read below to learn about features of the Research Map.

If you’re just starting out with the learning sciences, check out our introduction for 10 research insights that can help you support all learners.

Visit the interactive visualization to explore recent research articles and see how research topics connect to one another. Click on a topic to see research articles and more in-depth information, and double click on a topic to see the more specific subtopics. Use the List View to see data for each topic in a list format.

Jump directly to the Topic Pages for actionable summaries of relevant research, including related tools and resources, as well as videos that highlight key research findings.

Explore Ask a Researcher, a feature that connects educators and researchers around real problems of practice.

Finally, search the resource database for curated research-based tools.

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