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Research Resources

Autism Publications 
From Indiana Resource Center for Autism

A selection of articles written by the staff of the Indiana Resource Center for Autism. These articles provide thoughtful discussions and practical recommendations on a wide range of topics, including behavior, sensory programming, education, communication, and other issues.

Autism Resources for Teachers 
From National Education Association

Autism resources for teachers covering overview information, instructional methods and helpful techniques, and activities and materials.

Autism Teacher’s Corner 
From Organization for Autism Research

Resource for teachers who want to learn more about autism and how to best support students on the spectrum: the basics, IEPs, tips for transitioning back to school, Asperger Syndrome, and ASD.

Behavior: Strategies and Sample Resources 
From American Institutes for Research

This set of behavioral strategies and sample resources were developed for classroom teachers to use with students who may require academic and/or behavioral support. The strategies are intended to support teachers working with students with primary academic deficits and challenging behaviors.

Behavioral Interventions 
From Intervention Central

Techniques for behavior interventions: defusing/de-escalation, behavior intervention apps, communications tools, self-management, special needs, rewards, challenging student, motivation. schoolwide classroom management, and bully prevention.

Best Apps for Kids with Autism 
From Common Sense Education

The apps on this list can help kids on the autism spectrum learn to better identify and regulate emotions, communicate and express themselves, manage time and routines, and interact with others.

Blended Learning Resource Library 
From The Learning Accelerator

What are the key components of highly personalized, mastery-based blended learning? Why make the shift and what does it take to implement and scale? Look at specific teaching and learning practices or take a high-level view of the basics.

California Infant/Toddler Learning & Development Foundations 
From California Department of Education

Summary of findings on the topic of infant/toddler learning and development.The term cognitive development refers to the process of growth and change in intellectual/mental abilities such as thinking, reasoning and understanding. It includes the acquisition and consolidation of knowledge.

Center for Parent Information and Resources Resource Library 
From Center for Parent Information and Resources

Find webinars, articles, stand-alone pages, and publications for the Parent Center network.

Center on the Developing Child Resource Library 
From Center on the Developing Child

The Center on the Developing Child strives to present information, especially scientific information, in a way that is accessible to a wide range of readers. Use the menus on the site to filter by media type or topic.

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