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Building a Learning Community 
From Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education

This study combines survey data of 33 New Jersey public schools involved in a state sponsored professional learning community (PLC) training program with case studies of two of those schools in order to trace the factors associated with the implementation of PLCs.

Educator Micro-credentials 
From Digital Promise

Digital Promise has built an innovative system of micro-credentials to recognize educators for the skills they learn throughout their careers in order to craft powerful learning experiences for their students.

Exploring Coaching for Powerful Technology Use in Education 
From Digital Promise

This literature review, published in partnership with Stanford University’s Center to Support Excellence in Teaching, summarizes findings from existing research on teacher coaching and explores the following questions: What is the role of technology in the 21st century classroom? How do we best provide teachers with the time, support, and space to learn how to use new technological tools and resources effectively and to support deeper learning?

Making Professional Learning Count 
From Digital Promise

Digital Promise is working with partners to develop a microcredential ecosystem— a new way to satisfy teachers’ love of learning, recognize their accomplishments and empower them to drive their own development through an efficient online system. This study provides an in-depth exploration of teachers’ attitudes toward professional development and competency-based microcredentials.

Moving from compliance to agency: What teachers need to make professional learning work 
From Learning Forward and NCTAF

In the course of our research, we have come to believe that to transform professional learning so that it really supports educator learning, education leaders will need to pay greater attention to the importance of teacher agency.

Professional Learning in the Learning Profession 
From National Staff Development Council

This report examines what research has revealed about professional learning that improves teachers’ practice and student learning. It describes the relative availability of such opportunities in the United States as well as in high achieving nations around the world, which have been making substantial and sustained investments in professional learning for teachers over the last two decades.

Teacher Development Research Review: Keys to Educator Success 
From Edutopia

How can you get the best out of your teachers and improve student learning? Edutopia’s research analyst explains some of the best practices found by researchers to help ensure educator growth and success.

Teacher leadership & deeper learning for all students 
From Center for Teaching Quality

Barnett Berry makes the case for how a system of teacher leadership and learning can fuel deeper learning for all students by examining current limitations as well as the past 30 years of research about how teachers learn and lead. The paper identifies three promising shifts that could be leveraged to create an effective system of teacher leadership and learning and describes next steps that stakeholders can take to advance teacher leadership toward a more equitable public education system.

Teacher Reflection Using Video 
From Digital Promise

This video explores the importance of reflection for teacher learning and describes the benefits of one strategy for educators: recording classroom instruction. Recording and replaying classroom footage allows educators to see moments of student learning, helping them understand what went well in a lesson and what can be improved next time. Watching themselves teach, and discussing this footage with colleagues, helps teachers consider how their instructional choices affect their students.

Teachers Know Best: Teachers’ Views on Professional Development 
From Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

To gain insights into the roadblocks to implementing effective professional development, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation contracted with the Boston Consulting Group in 2014 to reach more than 1,300 teachers, professional development leaders in district and state education agencies, principals, professional development providers, and thought leaders through surveys and interviews.

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