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Research Resources

Center on the Developing Child Resource Library 
From Center on the Developing Child

The Center on the Developing Child strives to present information, especially scientific information, in a way that is accessible to a wide range of readers. Use the menus on the site to filter by media type or topic.

Developmental Relationships 
From Search Institute

Search Institute’s newest research-to-practice initiative will focus on studying and strengthening the developmental relationships that help young people succeed. A developmental relationship helps young people attain the psychological and social skills that are essential for success in education and in life.

Introducing Early Learners to Technology with Social Demonstration 
From Digital Promise

In this video Rachel Barr and Laura Zimmermann discuss the importance of social scaffolding, or social demonstration and thoughtful guidance from adults, for introducing early learners to new technology and media. Even for “digital natives,” the social aspect of education is important for learning how to use new tech devices and apps. Key social scaffolding strategies include hands-on demonstration, verbal narration and repetition.

One and All 
From Harvard Usable Knowledge

This website creates a space for opening a shared conversation about how educators can protect students from bullying, confront divisions, and foster inclusion in light of recent events — a polarizing presidential election, incidents of racial and religious targeting, community violence, the sounding of once-fringe voices.

Reimagining School Readiness 
From Center for Childhood Creativity

Based on a comprehensive review of cognitive and developmental psychology literature, this position paper aims to surface the skills and conditions that matter most for a child’s success in school and life, and to guide educators and others (including families) in designing learning experiences and environments to support this development.

Social Cognition Resources 
From Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development

This summary of facts about the development of social cognition offers best practices for parents to help children understand people’s thoughts and feelings.

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